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  • Welcome to Living Waters Christian Centre (Lewisham Trust). We are pleased to annoince that after careful review and prayer, our church is resuming our Sunday Services commencing Sunday 13th September 2020 at 11am. Our address is Honor Oak Community Centre, 50 Turnham Road, Brockley SE4 2JD. Even thou we are excited at the prospect of being able to meet again, there are some changes regarding the preparation for each service and how we run those services being made.because of the Covid-19 restrictions being placed upon us by the government. For more information on the changes being made, click here Covid-19 virus.  

    Our other services will be phased in at a later time. Until then, our Zoom prayer meetings and business meetings will continue. Please keep checking our website to get updates on what we are doing. For those of you who are new to Living Waters, We are a friendly, muliti-cultural church situated in South East London who have a heart and passion for people. The virus may have placed restrictions upon us, but it will never prevent us from caring and doing our utmost to continue to spread the gospel of the good news in Jesus Christ. 

    If you would like to know more about Living Waters Christian Centre, would like to become a Christian or would like prayer, you may still contact us. The best way to do so is by email. Our email address is lwcc1uk@outlook.com.

    Our Food Service was very active during the Covid Lock down. We operated on a weekly basis from Wednesday 16th April 2020 delivering food to those experiencing hardship. Since things have opened up and the emergency response is over, we are now providing a fornightly service (as another Food Bank is running in the area) where customers can come and safely collect their food. Please note that Social Distancing is operable at our Food Service.

    Our next opening time is Wednesday 16th September 2020. We officially open at 7pm and run till 8:30pm, however, we will endeavour to start earlier if we can to get cusomers out of the building asap. Please note that the entrance to the Food Service is via the Garden gate at the side of the building and not the usual entrance.

    If you would like to volunteer, please contact us on lwccfoodservice@gmail.com and someone will get back to you. To receive or give food click here! For information on our revised opening dates for 2020 click here.  

    Members of our church can give comments and suggestions for any issue regarding our church whether it is outreach ideas, service ideas or new ministry suggestion etc. To do this, click on the link below and remember to tell us who you are so we can get back to you personally for clarity on your ideas or just to talk. click here.  

    Have you ever wandered what happens after you die? The Senior pastor of LWCC Mandeville Jamaica died and came back to life. Click here and follow instructions to read her story.   



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  • If you are a member of our church and you would like to have a login and password, please contact us and let us know of your request or go to the register link on the left and follow the on screen directions.  If you have any problems, you may contact us in the following ways below:

    • Email : lwcc1uk@outlook.com
    • Website : Use the Website help area, fill in the details and click submit.
    • Telephone : 0208-690-7579
    • Our church offices are located at Huxbear House, Huxbear Street, Brockley London SE4 1EA. Please note that this is also our mailing address.
    • You can follow Pastor David on Twitter and also on Face Book website Click here

    We are a registered charity of Great Britain.

    Registered Charity Number 1058778

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