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Up to date news from the BBC. First available from 8th February 2012.

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Covid: Vaccinated people may spread virus, says Van-Tam - 24th January 2021

PM talks to Biden in first call since inauguration - 24th January 2021

Firms planned record 800,000 redundancies last year - 24th January 2021

Tse Chi Lop: Alleged Asian drug lord arrested in Amsterdam - 24th January 2021

Covid vaccine: Betsi Cadwaladr boss warns against queue jumping - 23rd January 2021

Covid: Four vaccine centres shut amid snow alert for Wales - 23rd January 2021

In pictures: Tens of thousands gather for pro-Navalny protests - 24th January 2021

China mine rescue: First survivor brought to surface, say state media - 24th January 2021

Larry King: Veteran US talk show host dies aged 87 - 23rd January 2021

Covid: Italian PM brands vaccine delay 'unacceptable' - 23rd January 2021

Krystina Arielle: Star Wars supports High Republic host after racist abuse - 23rd January 2021

The Papers: Vaccinated told to follow rules and PM's jab 'gamble' - 24th January 2021

Is this Russian cult leader a fraud? - 24th January 2021

Coronavirus: 'Lockdown made me feel like I was in prison' - 24th January 2021

'I couldn't breathe': The 26-year-old with Covid - 24th January 2021

The paper that helped the homeless - 24th January 2021

Why are police in Russia detaining hundreds of protesters? - 23rd January 2021

Loyal dog's six-day wait for poorly owner outside Turkish hospital - 23rd January 2021

The homeless drug addict who became a history professor - 24th January 2021

Coronavirus: How the pandemic has changed the world economy - 24th January 2021

Janice Nix: The drugs kingpin who joined the Probation Service - 24th January 2021

Covid vaccine: Can Wales meet its targets? - 23rd January 2021

Tunisians question whether life is better after Arab Spring - 24th January 2021

The great graphics card shortage of 2020 (and 2021) - 24th January 2021

Larry King: US TV legend who hosted 50,000 interviews - 23rd January 2021