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Up to date news from the BBC. First available from 8th February 2012.

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Nicola Sturgeon 'sorry' over Scottish exam results - 10th August 2020

Trump says someone shot near White House - 11th August 2020

Coronavirus: Contact tracers to be reduced by 6,000 in England - 10th August 2020

Beirut explosion: Lebanon's government resigns as public anger mounts - 10th August 2020

Fixing the scars of Beirut's explosion - 10th August 2020

Eat out to help out: More than 10.5 million meals claimed in first week - 10th August 2020

Belarus election: Second night of clashes over disputed poll - 10th August 2020

Retail sales rise despite fewer High Street visits - 10th August 2020

Gay conversion therapy: ‘It made me feel broken’ - 10th August 2020

McDonald's sues ex-boss Easterbrook over alleged sexual relationships - 10th August 2020

Climate change: Warming world will be 'devastating' for frozen peatlands - 10th August 2020

Downfall: BP worker sacked after Hitler meme wins payout - 10th August 2020

Giant machines for HS2's Chilterns tunnels unveiled - 10th August 2020

The Papers: Tracers to knock on doors and McDonald's lawsuit - 10th August 2020

Coronavirus: Does your mask need an upgrade? - 10th August 2020

Coronavirus: Keeping the virus at bay on S Korea's beaches - 10th August 2020

Unemployment and coronavirus: Older workers feel 'forgotten' - 10th August 2020

Queen guitarist Brian May thanks fire crews for saving home from wildfire - 10th August 2020

Whale migration: ‘Super rare’ whale encounter on the Great Barrier Reef - 9th August 2020

Toshiba shuts the lid on laptops after 35 years - 10th August 2020

'Fake background office chatter helps me work from home' - 10th August 2020

Beirut: Anatomy of a lethal explosion - 9th August 2020

Keith Mason and fiancée go viral after inspirational posts - 9th August 2020

Coronavirus: Students 'selling clothes to pay rent' - 10th August 2020

Islamic State in Iraq: 'How I survived an IS massacre' - 9th August 2020