Food Bank Dates for 2024

Dates of when we are open to the public in 2024. All dates are Wednesdays

LWCC Food Bank

LWCC Food Bank

Our Leaders

LWCC is blessed with leaders that have all been in LWCC since it's start. Our leaders consist of Pastors and Elders who all share in the oversight of the church through it's ministries and ministry leaders.

Telephone Prayer Chain

A dedicated group of people who have volunteered their time to pray for those urgent, sudden requests.

Stewardship Ministry

Our role in the vision of our church.

Women's Ministry

Ministry for the Women of LWCC and the community

Our Care Ministry

Led by Diane

LWCC Recreation Co-ordinator

Responsible for the recreation activitiesof our church.


The Missions supported by our church are listed here. Though few in number, this will increase as the Lord guides us in the near future.

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