Our brain

“Who switched off my brain?”

Scientists say that 87% of our illnesses today are a direct result of our thought life. In this video teaching, Dr Caroline Leaf, a Christian Neurologist who has studied and specialises in the brain will bring to life some amazing facts about our brain and use the Word of God to prove what science has just discovered. Teachings take place at HOCC 7:30pm sharp!

Session 1 (25th Sept) - "Your amazing brain"

Session 2 (9th Oct) - "How does thinking become toxic?"  

Session 3 (23rd Oct) - "Stress"

Session 4 (6th Nov) - "13 Steps to detoxing"

Session 5 (20th Nov) - "Differences between male and female brain"

Session 6 (4th Dec) - "Does anyone understand me?"