#301 Course

Living Waters Christian Centre Future Courses

Course #301 – Introduction to your S.H.A.P.E.

This course takes believers to the next level of spiritual development and growth.                                                          It defines spiritual gifts, talents and helps Christians discover what gifts they have and                                              how to find your place in the body of Christ. Below are some of the areas that this course covers.                            The #301 must be completed before applying to take the #401.                                                                                      A certificate will be given to each person completing the course.

1.         What is ministry?

2.         The purpose of ministry

3.         The priority of ministry

4.         How to discover my ministry

5.         Discovering how God shaped me for ministry

6.         LWCC’s ministry discovery process

7.         10 truths about spiritual gifts

8.         7 cautions about spiritual gifts

9.         How to discover your gift

10.       Spiritual gifts in the bible

11.       Monitoring my heartbeat

12.       Taking a spiritual ECG

13.       5 myths about abilities

14.       26 specialised abilities

15.       Plugging in your personality

16.       LWCC ministries

17.       Developing a heart to serveow to discover my ministry


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