#101 Course

Living Waters Christian Centre Future Courses

Course #101 – Discovering Church Membership

This course will run for the fifth time on 25th January 2014. It covers the basics of church membership and also an introdction to our vision. Below are some of the areas that this course covers.  The #101 lays a foundation of what is required for successful Christian living in relation to our vision and the Word of God. This course must be completed and a covenant form signed before going on to the #201 (Discovering Spiritual Maturity). A certificate will be given to each person completing the course.


1.         Four things that unite us                                                                                    

2.         Five circles of commitment

3.         Four LWCC’s Covenants

4.         12 principles that make our church work

5.         Our statement of Beliefs

6.         Our lifestyle Statement

7.         What it means to be a Christian

8.         Water Baptism

9.         The Lord’s Supper

10.       Membership

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