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Our Foundational Course

    Joy has been a Christian for over thirty years. She brings with her a vast experience of Christian work and ministry from different various backgrounds such as music, drama, and worship. Joy is the Senior Pastor's wife and is currently a teacher on the Foundational Course, Our Sunday Services Co-ordinator, LWCC C.A.T.s  Co-ordinator and a leader in our church. Joy is married to Pastor David. They have three children, Richard, Rachel and Joshua.

 Garfield has been with Living Waters since it's birth. He has been a Christian for approximately 21 years. Garfield currently serves as a leader in our church and oversees the PA Ministry, Our Telephone Prayer Chain and our Building search Committee. Garfield is the newest member of our teaching team for the Foundational Course.  Garfield is married to Diane. They have two children, Aliyah and Lauren.


Ken is also a leader in our church and has also been with Living Waters since it's birth.  He has a vast experience in church work and currently serves on our Leadership Team. Ken is also our Worship Team Leader. He has been a Christian for approximately twenty five years.  Ken is married to Sharon. They have one daughter, Hannah.

Our foundational course is written by our church and aims at laying a basic foundation in the lives of young Christians and those who feel they need their foundations strengthened. The course is run whenever we have enough interest from applicants. Forms are found at the back of the church. You may contact any of the teachers of the course for more information or our church office. We will soon have an on-line form on this website for you to fill in if you wish to go on the course.

The course runs for seven weeks. At the end of the course, successful students will be presented with a certifcate. This will be done in a Sunday morning service. For details of the venue and for more information, please contact our church office. 

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